Two Glues In A Tape is a conveniently designed pocket intended to empower everyday people with adhesives.


In a disposable society, far too many of our everyday products end up in landfills. With just 2 Glues and a Tape, everyday people will be empowered and inspired to fix nearly anything.  For what Two Glues In a tape can't fix; there's always Whisky.


This product will extend the useful life of other products, reducing waste and global energy demand.

Glue # 1

Cyanoacrylate Glue

Universally known as Super Glue, glue no.1 is the planet's most popular adhesive. It is best used in nonflexible applications. It is extremely effective at adhering to the skin, making it popular for use on minor cuts or abrasions. Be warned this makes it very effective at adhering your fingers together.

Glue # 2

E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive

Properly Pronounced Eeee Sixx THAU·znd, this adhesive can defy physics. It has the potential to bridge gaps between components. It dries as a flexible clear substrate, it bonds amazingly well to most anything, and it can create airtight seals, making it perfect for use on air mattresses.


Gorilla Tape

Chances are your grandfather used duct tape. While originally designed for duct repair, duct tape is good for almost any job. A gorilla has revamped this particular variety with double adhesive allowing it to adhere to rough and uneven surfaces. They have also changed the backing to be weather resistant.